Lil Xan – Total Xanarchy

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Release Date: 04/06/18

This is a new low point for the SoundCloud Trap sub-genre. Absolutely unbearably indescribably awful. Lil Xan’s voice is highly irritating, the hooks are hyper-repetitive, the beats are generic, and at a run time of 43:24 it overstays its welcome by a long shot.

It’s difficult to tell from my reviews thus far, but there’s a lot of good-bad in this particular sub-genre. There is typically at least some level of fun and a few undeniable bangers. Not so here. The one exception being “Betrayed”, where Lil Xan manages to avoid all the horrendous pitfalls he falls hard into on literally every other track. “Slingshot” isn’t half bad either. Good luck with the expectation of building a career off of a single (decent) hit or two. I can’t imagine a fruitful career occurring at this point, but I’ve there are few true surprises in popular music. A tremendous dose of taste is absolutely required for future projects.

This is a rare exception to the five listens rule. I just can’t. This may be the worst album of all time.

Highlights: “Betrayed”
Rating: 0.25/5
Purchase: Don’t
Listen: Don’t

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