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Essential Post-Punk Albums: 1977-1983

Relative to punk music, post-punk is less aggressive and more experimental. In fact, some of the most unique music of the time period, and still to this day, came from the period ranging from the late ’70’s through the early ’80’s.

Free Salamander Exhibit – Undestroyed

There is something wildly refreshing about hearing a band that clearly lies completely outside of popular and current tastes. Free Salamander Exhibit, an Experimental/Avant-garde or, Rock Against Rock, in their words, band from Oakland, CA is comprised of members from the immaculate Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Idiot Flesh.

Capillary Action – So Embarrassing

So Embarrassing by disbanded Philly group Capillary Action, is nothing short of brilliant. It is by turns loud, aggressive, dynamic, dissonant, and melodic. No doubt, this is musician’s music, but what makes this album especially impressive is that they actually wound up writing good songs. There’s no mindless noodling. The album is filled with well-written songs featuring thoughtful instrumentation and orchestrations.